Eric Trump Actually Complained About Mean People On Twitter

Eric Trumpmust not be too familiar with has fathers Twitter feed.

In an interview with Irelands Independent newspaper, the son of President Donald Trump blasted people who are mean on Twitter:

No matter what side it is with, you are always going to get backlash. You are going to have a few people who have nothing better to do than to sit behind a computer and send a mean tweet. Its unfortunate, but its the nature of the game.

Trump was responding to a question about golfer Rory McIlroy, who came under fire on social media after playing a round of golf with the president.

Trumps father, of course, is known for using Twitter as a platform to hurl insults.The New York Times has a list of 325 people, places and things Trump has insulted on Twitter since he declared his candidacy.

Eric Trump also complained that politics is mean.

Politics is a mean game, Trump told the Independent. I always said real estate is the most cut-throat industry in the world but it is nothing compared to some of these politicians.

Eric Trump isnt the only member of the first family to express a thin awareness of Donald Trumps persona on social media.

Before the election, Melania Trump said that if she were first lady, she would fight against cyberbullyingas her cause, despite tweets from her husband such as these:

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