This new feature fixes the worst part of Twitter

Twitteris a great place to discuss shows, movies, and games in real-time with folks from all around the world. But its a spoiler-filled nightmare for anyone not able to catch events as they happen. Thankfully, a new mute feature may save those people from irreversible suffering.


Earlier this month, the social media site said it would start using algorithms to go after abusive behavior. The initial feature only dealt with notifications, but recently expanded mute options now help you avoid seeing hashtags, phrases, words, emoji, user names, and more.

Just go to your notifications tab, tap the gear icon, and press muted words. From there, touch add or + (depending on your mobile OS) and start adding words one at a time. Make sure the checks for mute from timeline and notifications are marked. The last step is to choose if the new feature applies to your followersor everyone, and to decide how long you want it enabled24 hours, seven days, 30 days, or forever.

While the intended purpose of this feature was to help you avoid the awful things others say on Twitter, its also a great way of making sure no one spoils your favorite shows before you get a chance to view them.

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