Google Maps lets you record your parking location, time left at the meter

Google Maps has just added a handy feature that will help users remember where they parked. This appears as a new menu option when you tap the blue dot, and will place a P icon on the map so you can find your way back to your spot. While remembering your parking locationis something Apple Maps has done since the launch of iOS 10, Googles implementation is a bit more robust.

With iOS 10, Apple Maps will mark the location of your car with a pin when you disconnect your iPhone from Bluetooth or CarPlay. You also can edit the location of the vehicle in the map and add a note or a photo through Apples Parked Location feature.

Inthe case that your phone is not connected via CarPlay or Bluetooth, you could use ApplesMark Location feature instead.

Google, meanwhile, had already introduced its own proactive parking saving feature via Google Now, but it hadworked by tapping into your phones sensors and making a determination that you had most likely parked at a given spot.

Sometimes, you might see this information appear when it was unwarranted, however like if you got off a bus or exited a taxi, Google says.

The new feature in Google Maps requires a manual entry, but this is actually a bit of an advantage over the guessing done by Google Now, because it allows you to input more information about your spot.

Like Apple Maps, you can add notes about where you parked something thats helpful for jotting down cross streets or which floor of a garage youre on, for example. But Google Maps also supports adding multiple photos of your parkinglocation a common way people oftennote theparking space number in the garage, and then, via a separate shot, the floor, row, aisle and/or color code for the garage level itself.

In addition, Googles parking location saverwill let you enter inhow much time you have left at the spot. This is handy if youre in a temporary parking area (e.g. two-hour parking),or at a metered space. The time left is displayed on the map, and when its due to expire, Google Maps will alert you via push notification.

The addition to Maps was spotted earlier by Android Police.Its especially helpful in urban areas, or when you know youre leaving your car parked for a long time and might forget like at the airport.

Google didnt make a formal announcement about the parking saver, perhaps because the parking spot saverhas not yet made its way to iOS. But the company did confirm with us it is indeed new.

The feature is currently available on Google Maps on Android (v. 9.49).

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